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Thanks for visiting ThePreciousPast! We eat and breath art prints along with lifestyle improvement products and love to ship them around the world!

Our elegant and affordable art prints and other products can be used in a number of ways to enhance your home and office decor. Whether you create a Hollywood Leading Ladies Gallery, (26 art prints offered), a Faberge Gallery, (69 art prints offered), or use our growing collection of vintage Barbie Doll prints in your nursery or little girl's room, our selection of elegant art prints are sure to spark some lively conversation with your friends and family.

When you understand the story behind the print, it's also a learning process and we never stop learning. What a great way to learn and teach your children history, through the study of prints and displaying them in your home or office. It's truly amazing what we can learn about the people of the time, the artist, and the medium used when researching historical prints.

For example, did you know that Dr. Emanual Nobel (nephew of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and found of the Nobel Prizes) ran his family's highly successful Petroleum Production Company upon the deaths of his father, Ludwig, in 1888 and brother, Carl, in 1898?

Under his directorship, the Nobel Diesel engine was introduced. In 1914, about the same time the Nobel Ice Egg was commissioned, Nobel moved to Russia, where he remained with his family until the 1917 Revolution forced their return to his native Sweden.

You can learn more about the Nobel Ice Egg here: />
We specialize in finding unique and elegant book prints from vintage and out of print publications. All of our art prints are original and never a reproduction printed out on an inkjet printer. Our selection process is lengthy and we only will ever provide the best art prints in our shop.

Just settle in and browse through our art print collection, decide what works best for your new decor, place your order, and you'll well on your way to leaving your frumpy walls behind. Put some new life into those walls when you redecorate and you'll soon become the envy of the neighborhood.

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